PreRoll Tray

PreRoll Tray


     The PreRoll Tray is the only herbal packing tray on the market. Our patent pending design not only caters to the most experienced smoker, but is equally as user friendly for a first time consumer as well. It uses a specially designed cartridge to ensure that your herbal cigarette or cone stays open and undamaged during the entire filling process. Our cartridge attaches to a material tray, that is easily the most user friendly tray on the market, for effortless and perfect filling of your herbal cigarette every time.


     The PreRoll Tray consists of food grade plastic to hold your ground up product, a shield to protect unwanted product from falling down the filling hole, and even has a unloading chute integrated for easy clean up of unused product into its proper storage container. Our patent pending design also allows for the ability to layer different herbs into the tube or cone to create the smoking experience they're looking for.


     The PreRoll Tray will allow an experienced connoisseur to pack herbs faster, cleaner, and easier than ever before. Even better though, it will allow the most novice, first time users, to enjoy their medicinal or recreational herbs in a way they never could before. Many novice users resort to "one hitters" or “bowls", due to the difficulty of creating a herbal cigarette. The constant inhaling of butane from the lighter, along with the caking of the resin that builds up after only a couple uses, is not only terrible for your lungs but tastes disgusting as well. Many PreRoll Tray users will benefit if they have an injury, illness, or arthritis that just makes it too difficult to be precise with their hands. The PreRoll Tray easily allows anyone to be able to create their own herbal cigarette.


The PreRoll Tray is as simple as grind, pack, and enjoy!

Color: Black

    Here is what is included when you order a PreRoll Tray:

    • Convienient carrying bag w/ spring lock drawstring
    • 1-1/4" cone cartridge with cap (Black)
    • King cone cartridge with cap (Grey)
    • Filtered cigarette tube cartridge with cap (Green)
    • Packing stick
    • Brush
    • 3 pack of PreRoll Tray Premium Organic Hemp 1-1/4" Cones
    • Plastic tube for protecting your herbal cigarette papers
    • Vinyl PreRoll Tray sticker



    If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. 






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