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  1. Break up and place smoking material on the PreRoll Tray.

  2. Place cone or tube into the PreRoll Tray cartridge and secure it with the cap.

  3. Slide the cartridge into the slot located on the bottom of the PreRoll Tray until fully inserted. 

  4. Move the smoking material to the filling hole and slowly feed smoking material into the hole.  As you do this, use the pointed end of the packing stick to pack the smoking material down into the cone. 

  5. Once full, slide cartridge out from under the tray and remove the cap.

  6. Using the notch at the bottom of the cartridge, lift the cone out of the cartridge.

  7. Twist the top and fire it up! Enjoy!

Helpful Tips

* To help ensure a perfect herbal cigarette every time, we suggest starting with smaller amounts of smoking material and more frequent packing. This helps ensure your cigarette wont be floppy at the tip.

Use the pointed end of packing stick to push the empty cigarette to the bottom of the cartridge to ensure it is fully seated. 

* We recommend grinding your smoking material prior to packing.

* Works better with dry material.

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